ComicsCodes now Open Again for Everyone | Found middle ground for both Subscribers and Non-Subscribers!

The Private Server has reached its maximum capacity, with all Subscriber slots filled. The Private Server will reopen once one or more Subscribers have vacated. 😇

Hello Comic Geeks,

As you know I was struggling to meet donation goals for quite some time and it was very hard to manage everything for me. With heavy heart, I had put ComicsCodes on ‘subscription-only’ mode 2 days ago in hope to somehow keep it alive. To my amazement, I have almost reached the donation goal in these 2 days.

As goal is almost reached for May, there is no point keeping ComicsCodes locked.

I would like to thank you to all the subscribers for supporting ComicsCodes. Without you, it was not possible. Thousands of unique users (data provided by Google Analytics) visit ComicsCodes everyday and am sure they will be happy to see ComicsCodes open for everyone again.

Regarding middle ground solution : In the first week of every month, ComicsCodes may (or may not if I have constant no. of subscribers) go ‘subscription-only’ mode temporarily until monthly goal is reached but subscribers will have access to all Posts and Pages. I will also update the sidebar with notification to inform everyone if ‘subscription-only’ mode is ON.

This is not the best solution, but seems like it a good one considering current situation. Share your opinion in comments.

I again thank you to current subscribers for your support. Please keep supporting ComicsCodes.

Lots of New and Old Comics have been posted in last 2 days. Check them out –
This week’s 0-Day Comics have been posted on ‘0-Day Comics’ Page –
100+ new scans of Old Comics has been posted on ‘Non 0-Day Comics’ Page –
Request your favourite Comics on ‘Comics Requests’ Page –



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A big thank you to all contributors.



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