CHECKLIST: June 22, 2022


  1. Aquaman And The Flash Voidsong #1 (of 3)AVAILABLE
  2. Batman Superman World’s Finest #4AVAILABLE
  3. Batman The Knight #6 (of 10)AVAILABLE
  4. Black Adam #1AVAILABLE
  5. Catwoman #44AVAILABLE
  6. Dark Crisis Young Justice #1 (of 6)AVAILABLE
  7. Duo #2 (of 6)AVAILABLE
  8. Earth-Prime #6 (of 6)AVAILABLE
  9. Fables #152 (of 162)AVAILABLE
  10. Flash #783AVAILABLE
  11. Milestones In History #1 (One-Shot)AVAILABLE
  12. Nightwing #93AVAILABLE
  13. Scooby-Doo Where Are You #116AVAILABLE
  14. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’s Boss Perry White #1 (One-Shot)AVAILABLE


  1. Amazing Spider-Man #4AVAILABLE
  2. Immortal X-Men #3AVAILABLE
  3. Knights Of X #3AVAILABLE
  4. Maestro World War M #4 (of 5)AVAILABLE
  5. Marvel Previews #10AVAILABLE
  6. Marvel’s Voices Pride #1AVAILABLE
  7. Miles Morales And Moon Girl #1AVAILABLE
  8. Miles Morales Spider-Man #39AVAILABLE
  9. Moon Knight #12AVAILABLE
  10. New Fantastic Four #1 (of 5)AVAILABLE
  11. New Mutants #26AVAILABLE
  12. Punisher War Journal Blitz #1AVAILABLE
  13. Silver Surfer Rebirth #5 (of 5)AVAILABLE
  14. Star Wars Crimson Reign #5 (of 5)AVAILABLE
  15. X-Men #12AVAILABLE


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